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We process all data, that concern business relations with the customer, under attention of the Federal Law for Data Protection (BDSG) and the Tele Service Data Protection (TDDSG). The collected data is processed by the hubey GmbH and its service partners (e.g. transport enterprises like the German post office AG for the delivery of goods) and used for the execution of the concluded contract and the care of the resulting customer designation as it is necessary, legally permissible and only to an extent the customer desired. If you take an order or other services, the hubey GmbH needs your address and data to complete the payment handling. This data is used by the hubey GmbH to execute orders in proper form. Therefore it can be necessary that the hubey GmbH passes your data to commerce and service partners (for example to transport enterprises like the German post office AG for the feed of goods). We ensure our customers the absolute protection of their personal data. Our customers have the right to receive free information about the stored personal data. Furthermore, they have the right at all times to demand the correction or deletion of their data as well as to disable them for purposes of advertisement, market research or public opinion polls. The company hubey GmbH points out explicitly, that no personal data without previous declaration of consent is passed on to third parties. The customer orders are stored with us. We use technical and organisational safety precautions, in order to protect your data administered by us from coincidental or deliberate manipulations, loss, destruction or from the access of unauthorized persons. The treatment of your data takes place after the newest conditions of the SSL technology. The customers data is put down in a password-protected, coded data base format. Alternatively to this the transmission by fax remains always at your disposal. If you should lose your confirmation of order, please contact us by email. We send you the data of your order gladly. If you should have further questions regarding our data protection regulations or if you want to make a comment in addition, you can contact us at mail[a]


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