Organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are much better for the environment, for the soil and the living organisms existing there and they transition into the natural cycle. With organic fertilizers, salinization (over-fertilization) is nearly impossible, only the direct availability of nutrients is lower compared to NPK fertilizers (mineral fertilizers).

With Hubey Veggie Gold we have a fertilizer that has a large part of its N (nitrogen) already available, due to anaerobic fermentation. In addition, by spraying the young plants with Hubey Veggie Boost we can provide the plants with everything they need.
For plants with high P (phosphorus) demands, we add Hubey Bat Guano. Additions of Hubey poultry manure or Hubey horse manure ensure a permanent supply of heavy feeders.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we create the right fungal and bacterial cultures with Hubey MT-Mix. The most efficient effect of MT-Mix unfolds when the roots are powdered directly with it, when repotting the plants.

Hubey Veggie Boost not only provides the N (Nitrogen) and K (Potassium) supply to the plant, but also vitalises the life of the soil, immensely, when poured once every three weeks. The nutrient diversity of a microorganism-enlivened soil is immeasurable and the right fungal cultures not only provide more vitality and nutrient uptake but are even able to produce their own antibiotics.