Hubey horse manure 6 kg organic natural fertilizer universal fertilizer and soil conditioner

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Horse dung, grained, from 100% animal minor components (horse manure)
Organic universal fertilizer and soil conditioner for all garden and balcony plants.

  • Loosens the soil, improves water retention and thus nutrient uptake
  • Supports fertility-promoting soil organisms
  • Sustainable supply of the plants

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Hubey horse manure, organic universal fertilizer and soil conditioner, is ideal for all garden and balcony plants.
The gentle, long-lasting and special effect of horse manure has been appreciated by experienced gardeners for many years. Classically, it is used for roses, strawberries and orchids. But all other ornamental plants and crops also benefit from the complex nutrient and structural improvements that can be achieved with horse manure.


  • ideal rose fertilizer
  • ideal for vegetable beds, shrubs, lawns, balcony and container plants
  • due to heat development after mixing in, suitable for cold frames
  • easy to process due to the granulated form and almost odorless
  • no chemical additives
  • no weed in the garden, as the manure was heated and the seeds were ground
  • loosens the soil, improves water retention and thus nutrient uptake
  • supports the fertility-promoting soil organisms
  • slow nutrient release - sustainable supply of plants


  • Approx. 200 - 300 grams per 10 liters of coconut or soil
  • Vegetable garden, beds
    Approx. distribute 200 - 300 grams on 3-4 m² evenly and mix in gently
  • New plantations, transplantations
    Sprinkle 150 - 200 grams of granules into the planting hole

Product data
Organic NPK fertilizer 1.8 + 3.1 + 2.3
using animal minor components

1.8% total nitrogen (N) (organically bound)
3.1% total phosphate (P2O5)
2.3% total potassium oxide (K2O)

Starting materials
100% animal minor components horse manure

Minor ingredients
71% organic substance rated as loss on ignition

Producer country Germany

Storage instructions
Keep cool and dry, away from direct sunlight, out of reach of children and pets. Do not allow fertilizer to reach sewage or bodies of water. When properly stored, this fertilizer can be kept for years without any reduction in quality. Add remaining quantities to the intended use. No mix with feed.

Proper application
For fertilization in the house and allotments. For detailed application description and dosage see package text. Recommendations of the official advice go out. Water green areas, ornamental lawns, sports turf, etc. after application, mix in on other surfaces.

In case of new planting or after fertilization in the spring and after the harvest.

Speed of action
Depending on the influence of the soil and the weather, a noticeable release of nutrients takes place from a few days after fertilization. In the course of the first growing season, a large part of the total nitrogen content is released, the remainder will become available to plants in the next few years due to microbial conversion. Phosphate and potassium can be counted to 100%.

After use, thoroughly wash hands and other skin areas that came into contact with the fertilizer. When storing, transporting and spreading necessary precautions are to be taken to avoid the uptake by livestock.

Product weight: 6,30 Kg
Contents: 6,00 kg