Hubey MT mix 10g for the immunization of roots - mycorrhiza - trichoderma and root bacteria mix

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Hubey MT mix
Soil additive using living microorganisms with fungi and bacteria


  • strengthening of the plants own resistance
  • acceleration and enhancement of root growth
  • increase of nutrient intake capacity
  • enhancement of flower formation, earlier and longer flowering, compact, healthy growth
  • increase of yield performance
  • better growth rate

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Hubey MT mix improves the plants health and resistance, stimulates the root growth and results in better growth, flower formation and yield performance.

  • In the nature, trichoderma form a symbiosis with plants and support their power of resistance.
  • Mycorrhiza connect with the plants root system and, with a fine root system digging deep into the ground, expand the intake capacity of nutrients of the plants.
  • Powerful microorganisms release nutrients in the soil, so they are available for the plants.

Hubey MT mix can be applied universally in all crops. There are no admission restrictions.
Hubey MT mix should be applied preferably early at the seeding, propagation by cuttings, after roguing or after repotting.
Globally, trichoderma harzianum, mycorrhiza and microorganisms are successfully applied at ornamental plant and vegetable growing for years.

The advantages of Hubey MT mix at one glance:

  • faster, better root penetration
  • ideal effect especially at suboptimal crop conditions
  • increases the yield through
    higher rooting / germination ratio
    higher dry weight
    more blossoms
    earlier blossoms
    shorter crop period
  • selected highly effective stem under permanent quality control
  • easy application, good miscibility with fertilizer, pesticides
  • applicable in all crops
  • excellent price-performance ratio
  • long product durability
  • gentle to useful creatures

Active agent:
Trichoderma harzianum, endomycorrhiza, ectomycorrhiza and soil bacteria on inert substrate. For the stimulation of the plants growth and the improvement of the plants vitality.

Soil additive using living microorganisms.
Suitable for any plant.

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