I do not want to reinvent the wheel. However, I believe that plants should be seen as a holistic organism that evolves and has different needs depending on the stage. That's why I've divided the Hubey Organic Gardening products into the following categories: Starter - Primary care - Fruit driver - Companion - Ground worker - Always ready Of course, there are also overlaps, but as soon as you understand the functions and properties of fertilizers and soil additives a little, you can create your own recipe for each plant. This may sound a bit complicated, but in practice it is quite simple. Once you have created the right conditions, it is sufficient to provide the plants with water

- Starters - if e.g. Veggie Boost and Veggie Gold. These two...

Primary care

Pelleted horse manure and chicken manure are slow-release...

Fruit driver

 Hubey Bat - Guano from the flying fox supplies a lot of P...

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