Welcome to the hubey online shop for organic plant breeding.

We help you to make your plant breeding at home as natural as possible.
For this purpose, hubey organic gardening offers you certified soil additives and fertilizers, that proved themselves in organic agriculture and are perfectly suitable for the plant breeding in house and garden.

For example, we offer valuable algae aglime and helpful bacteria for re-using and preparing substrates. Also, worm humus, bat guano and soil bacteria ensure a natural and efficient fertilization of flower soil.


Seeds – Soil – Water

The most natural way of plant breeding is usually the simplest as well: Plants can draw the nutrients they need independently from the soil. Of course, these nutrients have to be contained in that soil.

But flower soil from the shopping center does not automatically include all nutrients the plants need. Because, depending on the sort of plant, they all need different nutrients.

The soil you use has to have the correct pH value, miscellaneous minerals, micro and macro nutrients and most important it has to provide the plant with the correct dose of N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus) and K (potassium).

Even if that sounds complicated, through a proper preparation of the potting soil you can easily achieve an ideal sustenance at your plant breading.

To avoid problems caused by over- or undersupply and ensure a healthy growth in an ecological way, mineral fertilizers should exactly fit to the plants.

Advantages of organic fertilizers

Need-based fertilizing:
Organic fertilizers dwell in the ground until the plant needs them. In this way, overfertilizing is hardly possible. Then, microorganisms and bacteria living in the ground ensure that nutrients are available in line with demand.

Ideal active complex:

Organic fertilizers provide much more complex plant nutrients than isolated mineral fertilizers. Thus, they provide the plant with the essential components it needs to grow, in a compatible ratio.

Algae aglime not only regulates the soils pH value, but also provides your plants with all necessary micronutrients and valuable macronutrients. Moreover, algae aglime prevents iodine and selenium deficiency and therewith promotes the natural resistibility of your plants.

Worm humus supplies easily available N (nitrogen) and necessary humic acid and moreover has got enough essential trace elements like iron, manganese, copper and zinc. That combination not only provides your plants with nutrients, but also helps to promote the reinforcement of their resistibility. By fertilizing them with worm humus your plants become more fertile, blossom longer and are less prone to bacteria, diseases and fungi.

Bat Guano, consisting of bats excrements, is rich in natural P (phosphorous) and provides your plants with a balanced combination of macro and microorganisms as well as necessary enzymes. In plant breeding, phosphorous is not only essential for a good fruit and flower formation but also ensures a strong root development.

Mycorrhiza and Trichoderma are soil fungi that live in symbiosis with the plants. They ensure the right preparation of nutrients, promote the nutrient uptake and vitalize your plants natural defences. Recent research reveals how important and efficient these fungi are for various plants.

Fertilizing plant soil naturally is not witchcraft!

Willingly we assist you on the correct combination.
For heavy feeder and vegetables on 50 liters of substrate we recommend a fertilization with 15 liters of worm humus, 500 g bat guano and 5 g hubey MT-Mix (Mycorrhiza and Trichoderma mix): And then you have got a planting soil on which your heavy-feeder only need water for the next four months.